August 10, 2016

7 days and Counting -Packing List for West Coast Trail

7 days to go and time to pack my wearable closet,kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, otherwise know as my Backpack (I call her Betty) and head to the West Coast Trail.

Do you know how much this weighs? That has become the most asked question as I do my final preps for my hike on the West Coast Trail. What does one take for 8 days/7 nights as I realize that what ever I take - I carry on my back for the same amount of time.

My fall shopping used to consist of a few trips to the Nordsrom’s sale and Kate Spade for that new bag but this year my priorities changed.My frequent trips are now between REI and Duluth Packing Company. The features become more about function and of course a little style thrown in. Don’t get me wrong-a girl can still be stylish while hiking . Color scheme Aqua and Red - Yes I really did come up with a color scheme as I bought functional but fun items to wear and use.

My favorite hip functional outdoor store is FjallRaven - where I got my hiking shorts and they also carry my Hanwag Hiking Boots. Amazing boots if you happen to have foot issues , seriously, can we talk bunions ?

The plan is to carry less than 30 lbs  including food so I became obsessed with weight. 

The Final List for clothes on the West Coast Trail
Remember that cotton is not my friend on this trip- everything has a purpose, is technical in fabric and functional from Bottom to Top

Hanwag Hiking Boots -  Leather and Gortex is the key to these.They are made with a last especially for bunions and the fit is amazing. Don’t forget to trick your boots out with a splash of color in your laces 

3 pair wool socks - My favorite are Darn Tough and they are made in the USA. The colors will just make you smile even though you are walking miles.  1pair on/1 pair drying/1pair clean

2 pairs of hiking shorts  1 pair Fjall Raven Red, of course. These are especially functional because of the wax cloth bum, great for boulder sliding and the inevitable Turtle fall that will happen. Google It 

Lululemon Tights 

2 tops:  One base layer smart wool and one short sleeved technical fabric for “Sweaty Betty” 

_ That might have to be my trail name - Folks it is not going to smell pretty after a few days

Gortex Rain Jacket, Northface fleece and a good ole Toque (canadian slang for stocking cap) for added warmth and keeping the bugs out of my hair when I sleep.

Underwear you ask - A good Canadian girl would go commando but just in case I need them I did pack 2 pairs of exoffico wonderunders and a sports bra.

Camp shoes and long johns round out the 7 night /8 day packing with a purpose list 

I am excitedly nervous and yes, I have had moments where I wonder what I am doing but at least I'll look good doing it.

What woud you pack for a wilderness trek?

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  1. Pretty simple things that although they are weighty at times, always most important to pack. In no particular order: Your heart, mind, and spirit, with a good shot of faith. You will do fine Kim. Leave the rest of the world behind for a while with the exception of loving thoughts of your family and dare I say, your friends. Wishing you and your travel buddies the best of times and a safe return.