June 8, 2016

What If...

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                                       What IF
What If:  I hiked the amazing 47 miles/
74 km of the  WEST COAST TRAIL to celebrate the gift of turning 60 ?
What If:  I found someone to go with or should I go alone?               
What If : I can't complete it
What If:  My aging feet- seriously just hurt to bad
What If:  I can do it 

Was I going to let these What If's begin to age me prematurely? What If I didn't set a new goal. What if I accomplished it - I needed to find out the answers.

So many questions began with What If. Many nights I spend on the computer looking up stories and reading others adventures on WCT. Many mornings, I would lay in bed as my 60 year old husband headed out the door to train for Ironman Triathlons at 5:30 Am. Although I am not an athlete, was I going to let life just happen or was I going to lead my self to experience the fear and excitement of testing,training and accomplishing something greater than my capabilities. 

There was just something that spoke to me about being in nature and challenging myself to accomplish rather than celebrate in the traditional way one would do turning 60.

So in 60 days I will be 60

In 74 days Nina and Kay and myself will adventure on to Vancouver Island to conquer the WCT. 

The West Coast Trail (WCT) is a mystical, hauntingly beautiful 47 mile/ 75 km backpacking trek on Vancouver Island. It winds thru rain forests, first nations land, thick bogs and ocean shelves. The trail was built in 1907 as a way to rescue shipwreck survivors along the Pacific Rim.
Yes it is considered to be the best hike in the world.

 I would love to have you follow this journey with my 2 soul sisters and myself as we blog, pack, train and experience this amazing feat in front of us- You can add your email at the bottom of this if you would like updates.

Because What If - we inspire you to find your What If


  1. Best of luck my friend. You are going on an adventure of a lifetime. Embrace the nature and beauty that will surround you. Open your mind, heart, and spirit. Always keep your eyes moving up, outward, down, and to all sides. And don't forget to look back from time to time to see where you have been. The view is all new and different.Take good care your trail mates as I trust they will you. But mainly just enjoy every minute of this challenge.Will be following your trek. Best wishes,Andy

  2. The question should be.. Why not? You only live once. I hope you have a GREAT time. I look forward to hearing about it.

  3. BTW,that "unknown" post was from me. I'll be enjoying your posts!

  4. What a wonderful adventure! Sounds like a great trail! Have a wonderful time!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  5. This is SO on my bucket list. And soon, too. I just turned 60!

  6. OMG! We're soul sisters!!! I SO want to go on this hike. I googled it right after I saw your post. I'm so EXCITED for you and can't WAIT to read about your experience. Kimberly XO

  7. Sounds like fun! I started backpacking this year. On my first trip I got up at 5am and it was raining and didn't stop for four hours. I will be following your journey.

  8. Good luck Kelly. I’ve stayed on Vancouver island it truly is magical. Have a sensational adventure. I look forward to following your adventure. Xxxx